Why I'm Running

As a black educator, single mother, Milwaukee native and community advocate, providing black and brown students with a high quality educational experience is my top priority. Our schools in the city of Milwaukee, the 4th district to be specific, are failing our students. High quality education is a right, not a privilege, and this is an injustice to our kids and families. Students deserve leadership that is informed and understanding of their needs. I have a unique perspective to understand the needs our students.

IMG_1147-ps300.jpgLife’s lessons and successes did not come easy for me. Starting as a foster child, and ending in a single-father household, I was taught the importance of education and hard-work. While I was fortunate to use education to overcome these hurdles and be successful, I am consistently reminded of the scars and traces of trauma left resulting from my own struggle in the struggle of my students. Too often, I see my students subjected to abuse, homelessness, and poverty. I have committed my career to providing my students with opportunities -- through culturally responsive teaching-- as a means for overcoming the struggle.

DSC_0103--classroom-ps-350x.jpgOur children, families and communities deserve better. Better schools. Better teachers. Better facilities. Better opportunities to bridge learning gaps between theory and practice. Restorative alternatives to behavioral issues. Safe schools. Healthier meal programs. Culturally relevant curriculums. While acknowledging the District’s progressive shifts, good is never good enough when our kids, families and communities are involved.

I look forward to bringing my unique perspective and working with our community leaders, students parents and teachers in this District. Collectively, we can work to make Milwaukee Public Schools great! On April 4th, I hope I can count on your vote.